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A photo of Billie Sharp
A photo of Billie Sharp

In these posts, I hope to shed some light on some of the strategies and design processes that we undertake when we are working with our clients so that you can gain an understanding of what design is all about.

I do appreciate that Graphic Design, as a service, is hard to quantify if you have no experience of it. If there are subjects that you are not sure about and have questions about, then please do get in touch via our form at the bottom of the page.

I am happy to receive emails from you but hide the address in a form to avoid being spammed by bots. The form does come through to me though, so don't be concerned about where it is going.

I look forward to hearing any feedback you have. 

Kind regards

Billie Sharp - Graphic Designer and Inclusive Optimization Trainer




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Skyrocket your website SEO with foundations built for consistency
Agreed? Of course. If you built a house and decorated it with fancy wallpaper, flooring, furniture and blinds, but you hadn't made sure it was on solid foundations, you wouldn't be surprised that it takes extra effort, support and time and – not the least – money to keep propping up the walls and hoisting the roof back to the top.
I am posting this simply because I have no other way of getting the message to the intended recipient even though they have asked a question. One of my recent webinar attendees asked a question and I emailed him on the email provided but got this response: Delivery to the following recipients failed permanently: Reason: There was an error while attempting to deliver your message with [Subject: "Re: your question 'how do I find these sites' on the Inclusive Optimisation Webinar you recently watched."] ------ Hello
fake email address generator , Teleworm fake email generator explanation
Well, that's a first for me!  Fake email tails.I never knew you could create a totally anonymous and functioning email address to receive emails (but not send) to avoid spamming to your 'real' email address! 
Advert for Huxley Golf
I've worked with Huxley Golf for many years now and it's still nothing but a pleasure. We have templates set up that we recall and edit on request for their adverts. It's a system that works.  Huxley provides premier all-weather surfaces for golf. With corporate and individual clients their breadth of skills, knowledge and experience is phenomenal so you can imaging what an honour it is to work with them on their printed promotional materials. 
Logo design for Myca Palmer
I really enjoyed the whole creative process of this logo design for Myca. Having met Myca at Bracknell Ladies Who Latte, we met for a coffee and Myca shared her completely unique story with me and explained her vision for what she wanted to achieve. We then discussed all her likes and dislikes and ideas that she had visualised in her head. 
Tony Robins Disc Assessment for Billie Sharp
Um, sorry what was that now?  Following that question, on a business call tonight, I have just completed the 'Tony Robbins Disc Assessment' which categories you in one of four colour groups representing Dominance (red), Influence (yellow), Steadiness (green) & Conscientious (blue). It's actually quite interesting and potentially very useful when trying to empathise with my clients.  Here are my results...   An Overview of Your DISC Style
Jackie Brooks Florist Logo
I've really enjoyed working on this one. One of my longest standing website clients, Jackie also did my own wedding flowers and a beautiful job she did too.  It's a delight to be able to work with her and show off her work with my work.  Take a look when you get a mo:
So frustrated! Have bust a gut to get up and running in 6 weeks and it's all ready to go but now in limbo because Google keeps erroring out when I submit payment details in Google ads, saying it's timed out! It did it when I set up the account last week but says to try again later so carried on knowing i'd come back to it. Have tried so many times. Dif cards, dif accounts but still same result. I wouldn't mind but I have an existing account for clients that I run ads for and that was working fine.
How Small Business Owners Can   Transform Their Website Into A   Lead Generating Machine   Using 'Inclusive Optimization'  Without Feeling Overwhelmed By Jargon  Even If You're Bamboozled By Code
Ok so here we are, my marketing funnel is live and Youtube Ads are up and running. It's very exciting as I head into the 'test and tweak phase' knowing that i'm on the brink of getting this going.  Stop waffling and send us the link eh?  Alright - Here goes:
Ok so I have done something i've never done before... I have invested in coaching to get this training programme off the ground! I am building a marketing funnel that will help me filter out my ideal clients who I can really help! I'm soaking up every bit of training I can in order to build a client acquisition machine! Ha ha the irony! But to prove the point I truly believe - I find it so much easier and more productive to learn from real people when I need to learn something new!

please teach me how to maximise my website.

"I manage my own website, but am unhappy with how it is performing in the organic search listings. I need it to bring me more leads by appearing in front of my ideal client at the right time."

"I've been stung before when it comes to SEO and am looking for an honest, reliable person to show me how to optimize my website properly."

"I want to maximize my website in a powerful and Google-friendly way – without being left to wonder what just happened."


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