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Brand Consistency


Having discussed today the need for brand consistency across all materials that a business would release into the public domain, I felt it a good time to investigate how important it is. Powerpoint presentations can be the best example of how brand consistency can be forgotten. It is not that often that I am approached to design a template for PowerPoint presentations, yet it is one of the most frequently used visual aids when communicating with our customers or clients.

In fact, it was only recently that one of my clients asked me to 'design' a PowerPoint presentation template for the company so that it would be consistent with their brand. As it happens, my client contact does appreciate how damaging badly designed presentations can be. It is a shame, though, that only a very few people share this understanding.

Do people really understand the purpose of the 'PowerPoint slide presentation'? I think it is very much abused and relied on to do the communicating instead of the presenter.

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