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Challenges and frustrations


So frustrated! Have bust a gut to get up and running in 6 weeks and it's all ready to go but now in limbo because Google keeps erroring out when I submit payment details in Google ads, saying it's timed out!

It did it when I set up the account last week but says to try again later so carried on knowing i'd come back to it. Have tried so many times. Dif cards, dif accounts but still same result.

I wouldn't mind but I have an existing account for clients that I run ads for and that was working fine.

I Have searched the error code on Google and it said to clear cache and try again - this didn't work.

Can't run the ads without payment set up! Have raised ticket but my past experiences with Google have not been great.

#keepmovingforward #challenges

Determined Regards


please teach me how to maximise my website.

"I manage my own website, but am unhappy with how it is performing in the organic search listings. I need it to bring me more leads by appearing in front of my ideal client at the right time."

"I've been stung before when it comes to SEO and am looking for an honest, reliable person to show me how to optimize my website properly."

"I want to maximize my website in a powerful and Google-friendly way – without being left to wonder what just happened."


don't be shy, we won't bite

I am delighted to have been awarded Graphic Design Expert of the Year 2023 for Berkshire!
I am delighted to have been awarded Graphic Design Expert of the Year for the second year in a row and across the South East of England too!