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How can you use print design skills to transition to web design? Learn the basics of HTML and CSS


This question was asked on LinkedIn and I was invited to contribute, however 750 characters weren't enough to fully answer. It was broken down into parts, and this was part one.

2. Learn the basics of HTML and CSS

Indeed, you don't have to know any code to be a Web Designer, but it will help if you want to be a successful one. There is a difference between a Web Designer and a Web Builder. Anyone (literally anyone) can build a website with the many out-the-box template platforms - they don't really need 'design skills' – they change colours and drag stuff about. Again, I'm showing my age here, but we used to design websites in 2D formats and then get coders/web developers to build the website based on our designs. Many corporates still work this way so it's not quite archaic yet. 

However, as a one-stop shop for creating websites for our clients on a freelance basis, it is very helpful to know your HTML and CSS. Think of HTML as the framework for the parts of your website that people can see on the front end and CSS as the instructions for how that should look regarding colour, shape, alignment and styles.

When you understand the limitations this combination sets, designing will be swifter.

That said, if design floats your boat, find a developer to work with that doesn't want client contact and form a partnership with them. That way, you can do what you do best, and they can do what they do best.  


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I am delighted to have been awarded Graphic Design Expert of the Year 2023 for Berkshire!
I am delighted to have been awarded Graphic Design Expert of the Year for the second year in a row and across the South East of England too!