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New identity for Myca Palmer


I really enjoyed the whole creative process of this logo design for Myca. Having met Myca at Bracknell Ladies Who Latte, we met for a coffee and Myca shared her completely unique story with me and explained her vision for what she wanted to achieve. We then discussed all her likes and dislikes and ideas that she had visualised in her head. 

Logo design for Myca Palmer
Logo design for Myca Palmer

First pass of designs were actually quite far off of where Myca wanted to be, however, this gave us the platform to work with as it's always easier when you have a starting point. The colours were on track. So we had another meeting where Myca was able to convey that having seen my interpretation of what she had said before she could now be clearer in what she wanted to achieve and what her preferences were for the logo. 

Second pass hit the spot and then it was just a process of fine tuning. I find when I give my clients a choice of three variations it is usually an amalgamation of their favourite bits from each that form the final product.

I enjoyed this one in particular because the second pass included me having gone back to pen and pencil (which I do a lot) to sketch my hand and then digitise it to use in the logo. With a few more tweaks of how the hand was positioned led us to the final solution. 

I wish all the best for Myca and her future endeavours - it was a pleasure working with her.

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