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You wouldn't build a house without good foundations!


Agreed? Of course.

If you built a house and decorated it with fancy wallpaper, flooring, furniture and blinds, but you hadn't made sure it was on solid foundations, you wouldn't be surprised that it takes extra effort, support and time and – not the least – money to keep propping up the walls and hoisting the roof back to the top.

This is the same for your website. If you haven't maximized the optimization for the search engines in the very structure and foundations, it shouldn't be surprising that you are constantly fighting to keep it up in the search listings. Battling to keep content creation fresh and ever-increasing ad budgets.

There are so many missed opportunities on websites that no matter how much content creation and social media promotion you are doing on a regular basis, you will always need to up the anty to stay on top. It stands to reason that you want your brand to be known as an expert in your field - the place to go for the service you offer. You need a solid home that you control where you can build that brand and send all your traffic. You can build a flowing traffic network through your ads, social media and email campaigns that all bring your followers to the same consistent messages on your website.

Consistency is key

Now is the time to put in to going back to the basics and ensuring that you have maxed out the legitimate keyword opportunities within the front AND back end of your website. Consistency is key, and with your keyphrases thread through the very structure of your entire website can the search bots consider your website as THE successful match for the search query in hand. 

Then and only then will your off-page promotions really start to skyrocket. 


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