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What colour are you?


Um, sorry what was that now? 

Following that question, on a business call tonight, I have just completed the 'Tony Robbins Disc Assessment' which categories you in one of four colour groups representing Dominance (red), Influence (yellow), Steadiness (green) & Conscientious (blue). It's actually quite interesting and potentially very useful when trying to empathise with my clients. 

Here are my results...


An Overview of Your DISC Style

"Billie, the responses you gave indicate that you tend to be unselfish and sensitive to the needs of others. This is a rare type of generosity that comes with no strings attached, hidden agendas, or ulterior motives. People who score like you get a genuine "rush" when they are helping others. That's the up-side. The flipside is that you may need to monitor yourself closely to make sure you are not spreading yourself too thin in your efforts to please everybody.

You show the ability to meet new people easily and confidently. Some individuals are reticent about meeting others, but you have a warmth and comfort to your style that makes new acquaintanceships easy for you. Your inherent optimism also helps exude a personal confidence without coming off as arrogant. It's a rare gift to show confidence while keeping your ego in check, and others are likely to welcome this style.
You have the ability to persuade others, not with hype, but rather with warmth, sincerity, and understanding. These are perhaps considered "soft sell" tools, but they can make a big impact. This skill comes from the merging of your "people skills," along with the fact that you tend to be more modest when dealing with people.

You tend to have a long fuse and seldom become visibly angry or agitated. You may harbor internal anger, but you tend not to vocalize it to those involved, instead perhaps "venting" to others not involved in the project. Overall, you tend not to seek direct confrontation about what is making you upset, which is a good thing as long as you don't let such conflicts boil to the surface.

Billie, your score pattern suggests a high degree of persistence and patience in working on projects. This can be especially important when the assignments are long, detailed, and involve a multitude of personal or complex tasks. Where others may lose patience and perhaps allow overall quality to lapse, you bring a unique pulse and tempo that can serve as a model for others.

You score like those who are socially poised without being overly controlling. You have the ability to project confidence and poise that is perceived as sincere and genuine. Others are likely to notice this, allowing you to develop trust and credibility with them easily."


I'm happy with that. I wonder if my Hubby would agree... ;o) lol

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I am delighted to have been awarded Graphic Design Expert of the Year 2023 for Berkshire!
I am delighted to have been awarded Graphic Design Expert of the Year for the second year in a row and across the South East of England too!