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Hay fever top tip No.4


Ok, so my top tip, No.4 is going to make you roll your eyes because it's obvious, but hopefully, at least, you won't want to gouge them out with a spoon because they itch so much. Where else do you reckon that pollen will settle? This can be effective whether you've been caught at the 'cool down' or 'pollen down' end of the day or you've been out in the sun all day. If I've been out in the heat of the day, as soon as I come in, I take myself upstairs and properly wash my face and fringe!

Wash your face - Photo by Nathan Dumlao
Wash your face - Photo by Nathan Dumlao

Our eyes have eyelashes and eyebrows for a good reason – to keep stuff out of them! So it stands to reason that if you've been outdoors all day, then there is likely a little collection of pollen on your face caught in your lashes and brows. And, in my case, my fringe too.

So... you guessed it, once you've washed your face, you are less likely to have an evening of sneezing and eye itching that will leave you exhausted, miserable and wanting to gouge your eyes out. 

#Hayfever-top-tip No.5 coming tomorrow.

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