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Hay fever top tip No.5


My Top Hayfever Tip No.5 is about prevention. When you leave the house, try to make sure you have a hat with a peak or (if you don't need separate glasses) sunglasses on. I use mine like goggles! I actually have formed a habit of wearing them to reduce the amount of pollen I might come into contact with. Yes, there is the obvious benefit of reducing sun glare too, but the main reason I make sure I've got them on is to reduce hayfever irritation. You might ask, does it really stop that much pollen from getting in your eyes? And I would say a big fat yes!

I'm not talking solely about airborne pollen, though.

Billie Sharp wearing Sunglasses to stop herself from itching her eyes due to hay fever
Billie Sharp wearing Sunglasses to stop herself from itching her eyes due to hay fever

No – I wear sunglasses as a reminder to me not to touch my eyes while I'm out and about. It's so so easily done, but once I do it, that's it; my eyes will start itching, and I'll be reaching for that spoon! I can honestly say that in all my years of hayfever suffering – nothing good has ever come from rubbing my eyes.

Nope, not even when you get that swooping wrist action going with two fingers embedded in the corner of your eye socket!!!


I KNOW you KNOW how that feels!


If these top tips have helped you, then do let me know because that will make me smile, and I always appreciate that.

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