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Chauffeur Control exhibition stand


The exhibition is all set up. 

ChauffeurControl Ltd exhibition stand
ChauffeurControl Ltd exhibition stand

ChauffeurControl Ltd, exhibited at Drive 09 on the 26th and 27th of September this year. They wanted full impact to stand out among their competitors.

The logo that innov8 designed has that impact with red and white on a black background which set the theme for the stand and accompanying materials. With business cards in place we produced a mailer for potential clients to take away with them and a POP-UP exhibition stand with some more concise bullets to draw people in.

With a 52" plasma screen (which they are happy to hire out if anyone should have the requirement!) to demo the software on, they were all set to launch into the world of Chauffeur service management.

Pete Baber and I modelling the stand! lol
Pete Baber and I modelling the stand! lol

The POP-UP stands come as a kit and are very easy to assemble. The lecturn is actually the carry case on wheels and there are also spot lights in the set that clip to the top of the stand frame.

If you would like any information about the design or purchase of a POP-UP exhibition stand please don't hesitate to call us at innov8.

Hagen Helm & Pete Baber of ChauffeurControl
Hagen Helm & Pete Baber of ChauffeurControl


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