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A photo of Billie Sharp
A photo of Billie Sharp

In these posts, I hope to shed some light on some of the strategies and design processes that we undertake when we are working with our clients so that you can gain an understanding of what design is all about.

I do appreciate that Graphic Design, as a service, is hard to quantify if you have no experience of it. If there are subjects that you are not sure about and have questions about, then please do get in touch via our form at the bottom of the page.

I am happy to receive emails from you but hide the address in a form to avoid being spammed by bots. The form does come through to me though, so don't be concerned about where it is going.

I look forward to hearing any feedback you have. 

Kind regards

Billie Sharp - Graphic Designer and Inclusive Optimization Trainer




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I am thrilled to be recognised for all my hard work, passion and dedication as Best Graphic Design Expert 2023 in Berkshire.
Thrilled! I am thrilled to be recognised for all my hard work, passion and dedication as Best Graphic Design Expert 2023 in Berkshire.I am absolutely thrilled and overflowing with joy to share
UK Enterprise Award Winner – Best Graphic Design Expert 2023 (Berkshire)
Best Graphic Design Expert 2023 (Berkshire)! UK Enterprise Awards Winner 2023 - SME News - Best Graphic Design Expert 2023I am beyond delighted to be able to share the news about my award! Having been nominated was
Roar like a lioness
While I don't want to dwell solely on my personal difficulties, I recognize that many others are also facing similar struggles. Obtaining a diagnosis for my early menopause symptoms, or 'peri' as it's officially known, took four long years. Fortunately, I was fortunate enough to come across a specialist in HRT and Nutrition.
My Top Hayfever Tip No.5 is about prevention. When you leave the house, try to make sure you have a hat with a peak or (if you don't need separate glasses) sunglasses on. I use mine like goggles! I actually have formed a habit of wearing them to reduce the amount of pollen I might come into contact with. Yes, there is the obvious benefit of reducing sun glare too, but the main reason I make sure I've got them on is to reduce hayfever irritation. You might ask, does it really stop that much pollen from getting in your eyes? And I would say a big fat yes!
Wash your face - Photo by Nathan Dumlao
Ok, so my top tip, No.4 is going to make you roll your eyes because it's obvious, but hopefully, at least, you won't want to gouge them out with a spoon because they itch so much. Where else do you reckon that pollen will settle? This can be effective whether you've been caught at the 'cool down' or 'pollen down' end of the day or you've been out in the sun all day. If I've been out in the heat of the day, as soon as I come in, I take myself upstairs and properly wash my face and fringe!
Washing on the line - Photo by Nick Page on Unsplash
#Hayfever-top-tip No.3 of 5 So, now you know that pollen comes down to our level as the heat of the day cools off – my next top tip will make complete sense. If, like me, you love to hang your washing out on the line – try and do it earlier in the day or even morning so that it is dry in time to get it in off the line before the day cools off. Otherwise, you could be bringing in nice fresh washing that is covered in pollen!
Hay fever, pollen and allergies. Photo by Glenn Carstens Peters on Unsplash.
Have you ever noticed that on a hot day, you could have a completely carefree day without any symptoms of hayfever at all – only to find that when you come inside as the evening drawers in, you start sneezing like Mrs Popoff! It's ok it's not just you, and there is a simple explanation.
Cetirizine hydrochloride is the active ingredient in one kind and loratadine is the active ingredient in the other kind of hay fever tablet.
One for all the hayfever sufferers out there... I've recently had the same conversation with more than a few people about hay fever tablets and their effectiveness. It's made me think that it might be helpful to more than a few people to put together these hay fever top tips.  As a long-term sufferer, I have learnt the hard way and hope it will save you from having to suffer the miserable effects of an allergy that can really take the joy out of Summer, not to mention the battle to get on with daily tasks.
A story about inclusive optimization, written when prompted by Pinterest to tell my story.
Once upon a time, there was a talented individual named Billie Sharp who possessed an exceptional understanding of websites and search engine optimization (SEO). Billie had gained significant experience working with corporates and had even conducted website training for the Real Business Club. However, as time went on, Billie felt a burning desire to embark on a new journey and create their own teaching programs to assist businesses in maximizing their website's potential.
UK Enterprise Awards Nominee 2023 - Billie Sharp - SME News
How crazy is it that I received this nomination in February and naively never knew if it was 'real' or not? Before I accepted the nomination, I did some digging and asked some trusted colleagues. Even once I established that it was indeed a valid awards programme, It still never occurred to me to use it as a promotional opportunity!

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