This is our own logo designed by Billie Sharp

top design tips

top tip one – If you are starting a business and need a logo as well as stationery and a website, don't rush into getting anything mass printed until you know that the web address you want is available. Domain registration is something we can provide along with web hosting space.

top tip two – Think about who your target audience is. We realise you weren't born yesterday, but this has implications if we are talking about websites. Your viewers may include people who are using a smaller computer screen and will determine how big your site will need to be visually.

top tip three
– Think about what you want your customer to be able to do on your site. Again it may seem obvious but it's not until you write this down as a list that it becomes clear what you need created i.e.; an online form, a twitter feed or a shopping cart with the mechanics to take payments online.

top tip four – Think about any preferences you have as to the style, colour, use of imagery you would like or dislike. You don't have to know this but if you do have likes and dislikes it is best to make your designer aware of them before they start. If they go off down a path of freedom it's a wasted journey if you know there are things you really don't like.

top tip five – Don't be afraid to speak your mind. As designers we enjoy the challenge of design and though we will advise you why we do things a certain way, at the end of the day your finished product has got to be something you are proud of.

This image is a typographical design header for the portfolio of innov8 graphic design

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