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SEO Tongue Twisters
Back end research of your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and how it could be working harder for you. If you think people are not finding your website then let us find out why.

Keyword Candy Canes
Finding out what your potential customers are searching for online to determine the keywords and phrases you should be promoting in order for them to find your site instead of your competitors'.

SEO Flavour Fizzers
Putting in place on your website the basic back end tags that help your site get found for your relevant keywords. [This would require access to your websites HTML Code.]
£65.00 for 5 pages | £100 for ten pages

Creative Sherbet Bursts
A one hour telephone consultation to bounce around marketing ideas tailored to give you promotional strategies you can run with via social media and other freely available marketing tools. Includes a follow up email summerising the consultation and links relevant tools.

Logo Gobstoppers
Your Logo designed and presented to you as PDFs, including 2 sets of amends to the design after your feedback. Final files supplied as original artwork, press and web ready files.

Campaign Cola Bottles
Creation of a Promotional Email template into Email Campaign Software with full list management. Includes Import of mailing list, e-Mailout on 'Pay per Campaign' basis, login details for you to see Campaign reports and create follow up emails into your template. From here you can run as many Campaigns as you like.
£70.00 + £0.008 per recipient
[follow-up self-managed Campaigns will cost £5.00 + £0.008]


Promotional Page Pops

Creation of a promotional landing page for a service push or event. [This would require access to your websites HTML Code.]

Creation of a Social Media Page or Group with your style and branding e.g. Facebook, Twitter etc. Including links back to your website and vise versa.

Creation of a Promotional Web Banner for advertising opportunities. Including links back to your website.


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SEO Tongue Twisters
Keyword Candy Canes
SEO Flavour Fizzers
Creative Sherbet Bursts
Logo Gobstoppers
Promotional Page Pops Email Campaign
Promotional Page Pops Landing Page
Promotional Page Pops Social Media Page
Promotional Page Pops Advertising Banner


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