This is our own logo designed by Billie Sharp

who innov8 has designed for

innov8 graphic design works with many of it's own clients, some more regular than others but all welcomed back whenever they have a project they need to carry out.

Some of our past and present clients are:

ACT Accounting
Active Learning Ltd
Adeptio Pharmaceuticals Ltd
Agetur Ltd
Bravanark Ltd
Certain Change
DGS Accounting
Edge of Eden
Essentials for Health
Express Cabs
Focal Point Advertising
Huxley Golf
Kimberley Selwood
Kirk Rice Ltd, Berkshire
Liturgical Music Courses
Magic Moments Entertainment
Maximise Group
Maybury Financial
Nirvana Spa
Pinnacle VA, San Francisco
Rochester Cathedral
Simplus Consulting Group
Smart MOT
The Inspiration People
The Royal College of Radiologists
Victor George Homes
Windsor Chiropractic
Women in Leadership
Zen Tax Ltd

When work loads are heavy and people are on holiday we supply cover within design agencies such as TC Communications - Ascot and Dotlabel - Basingstoke, when they need additional design support.

This image is a typographical design header for the portfolio of innov8 graphic design

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